As a child in England I had a secret shoe box filled with 'old things'. Pieces of pottery, clay pipes, coins, tokens and trinkets which I discovered in our recently ploughed back-garden. These objects fascinated me because of the stories I felt they could tell, and soon they became my very own talismans. In my teens I began exploring the markets of London. In the 70’s Portobello Road was my playground, where I found the exotic, the inspirational, the bizarre.

Later, when I travelled to distant lands I was delighted to realize that just like me, people around the world had a quest for beauty and meaning, and I was enthralled with the symbolism found in jewellery everywhere.

I collected many objects as I travelled, and to support myself, I traded my way around the world; swapping, buying and selling, unwittingly gathering information along the way.

Eventually I landed in Australia. During the 80's I made many trips between Australia and the UK, where I purchased hundreds of pieces of Antique Jewellery. I soon became one of the biggest wholesalers of Antique jewellery to the trade in Australia.

The Saramai jewellery collections evolved from handling antique jewellery over a number of years.

During my time as an Antique Dealer I would also buy one-off stylish new pieces.The demand for certain items, such as Art Deco earrings, far outweighs the supply, so I would enjoy designing new versions of these iconic pieces.

Saramai pays homage to the Master jewellers from centuries past.

Inspiration is drawn from craftsmen and women who, over time, have understood the meaning of beauty and wearability.

The collections in turn are, evocative, charming, whimsical and classic.

Welcome to my world. The world of Saramai.

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